Welcome to Digispace Systems

We at DIGISPACE SYSTEMS LTD continue to hold this vision close to our hearts as we conduct our business.

In our technology segment, the long-awaited mobile surveillance and next-generation high-speed data communication services, offering our customers a smooth, fast communication experience. We always aim for further advances while steadily overcoming the connectivity challenges that we have been made aware of in the past.

Furthermore, we have partnered with ACCESS KENYA GROUP. And the PROXIM WIRELESS. The addition of these two companies to DIGISPACE SYSTEMS has enabled us to give our customers tailor made cutting edge solution.

We are truly excited when we think of the business development that we can achieve through further strengthening Group synergies. In the future we will increasingly expand the value of what DIGISPACE SYSTEMS LTD can offer our customers.

We will continue to put all our strength into our endeavors to further accelerate the Information Revolution and bring happiness for everyone,
We sincerely appreciate your interest in DIGISPACE SYSTEMS and thank you for your continued support.

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